What Does BAR Mean in a Hotel?

Learn what BAR stands for in hotels and how it works. Find out how to get the best available rate when booking a hotel room.

What Does BAR Mean in a Hotel?

The Best Available Rate (BAR), also known as the Best Guaranteed Rate (BRG), is a pricing system used by hotels and hotel chains.


stands for “Best Available Rate” and is a flexible rate that is adjusted daily to meet current demand. This is done through fixed price levels or dynamically, with a maximum and minimum price. The key factor is that it always offers the best available rate for the customer, meaning it has the best “price-performance ratio” with the greatest flexibility and no restrictions.

It should not be confused with the cheapest fare, as it offers flexible rebooking and cancellation options, usually up to 3 days before arrival. In addition, it can be booked without any limitations or restrictions and can be viewed and reserved publicly by any customer. If you're looking to visit a hotel, make sure to check out their BAR rate for the best deal. You can also take advantage of the amenities offered by the hotel, such as their bars and dining rooms.