Why Do Some Bars Have Dress Codes?

Learn why some bars have dress codes and how to dress appropriately for them with this expert SEO guide.

Why Do Some Bars Have Dress Codes?

Restaurants that have dress codes are likely to argue that these policies are designed to protect all guests from exposure to obscene attire or clothing that makes others uncomfortable. It's not about fashion, they would say, but about regulating common decency. Exclusive nightclub owners have long used dress codes to indicate their status and set a standard, usually more formal attire, to let potential customers know who is welcome and who is not. The most relaxed dress code you can find for a club is usually anything goes as long as it's not shorts or flip flops. Jeans, t-shirt and shoes are usually acceptable.

The only problem is that on busy nights, the casual dress code of bars can be converted into an elegant casual dress code. After casual, there are a couple of garments that definitely aren't allowed. Elegant casual clothing for men usually means that if you're not wearing nice shoes that look fashionable, you're not going to get in. Most dress codes for nightlife explicitly prohibit “loose-fitting clothing”, so you should always avoid wearing loose-fitting clothing in most clubs or lounges, especially in the most exclusive ones. Bars, restaurants and nightclubs across the country create dress codes to keep unwanted people out of their establishments. These unwanted people are young black people who, through no fault of their own, are being discriminated against because of the clothes they choose to wear on their backs.

Although we know that it's not just young black people who wear knitted hats or Timberlands, the perception is that if you want to keep young black people away from your store, bar or nightclub, ban the clothes we see them wearing. In general, sports shoes are not allowed to be worn in luxury bars and nightclubs, especially in flashy ones that attract attention. There are also many specialized nightclubs and party bars that allow casual clothing, including athletic shoes. However, since they are a bet that rarely pays off in clubs, they are best suited to party bars and dressing up for a night out in exclusive lounges or popular clubs is not recommended. To protect customers from injuries and themselves from negligence lawsuits in bars, it's in the best interest of club owners to ban work boots. If you insist on wearing rain boots, then you should stay in party bars that allow casual street wear.

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