Why Do Bars Have Darts? An Expert's Perspective

Darts are an excellent entertainment option for bars looking to entertain their customers and make them stay longer. Learn why do bars have darts from an expert's perspective.

Why Do Bars Have Darts? An Expert's Perspective

Darts are a great way for bars to provide entertainment and keep customers around longer. Flight Club, a restaurant and bar, is the latest venue to offer this classic game. With two menus, eight for those playing darts and all-day for everyone else, they have something for everyone. The eight menu includes smaller dishes like yuzu guacamole with crispy corn, jalapeño powder and tortilla chips; and white bean sauce with truffle oil, parsley, vegetables and French fries.

The all-day menu includes pumpkin risotto with Vermont Creamery goat cheese, spiced pumpkin seeds, candied basil and leek; and a double burger with mushroom cheese, red onion jam and Iggy's brioche. To complete the list of drinks, they offer beers, wines and cocktails from local breweries and distilleries as well as a raw produce bar with a rotating selection of oysters and clams. Flight Club has five dart bars in the United Kingdom and one in Chicago. It is managed by Social Entertainment Ventures, which also manages AceBounce, Puttshack and Wonderball in the US. Dart bars are a great game for any number of players.

The area on either side of the dartboard is known as the dart bar. If you're playing with someone who throws darts like knives, it's best to give them their own dart bar. Some dart bars are heavy to prevent the darts from sliding off the board but experienced players prefer lightweight aluminum shafts which give them more control when throwing. Dart leagues are popular in the US and can be found in bars that are usually frequented by people who want to play with friends or meet new people.

These bars can be fully functional serving alcoholic beverages or dedicated to darts only allowing non-alcoholic drinks on the premises. Wooden dart boards should be covered with cork or rubber to make it easier to attach the darts without damaging the board. The standard length of bar darts is 5 inches long but if you prefer shorter or longer darts you can buy them at any specialty store. Most bars have electronic darts because they are easy to set up and require less maintenance than traditional boards. Darts are often used as bar games for people who want to spend time away from home with friends or strangers.

If you're looking for a local darts league, you can find information about it online or ask around at your local bars.